Ghost Towns and Haunted Cemeteries
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Scary Stuff packed full of Surprises!

Tour begins at world famous GREGORY DIGGINS; we travel back in time before Colorado became a state and why Central City “is” truly haunted. Then we are off to an UNDERGROUND GOLD MINE tour. You will be delighted and surprised at what you find young and old alike.

And, we hope you like ghost and ghost towns, because we will visit two ghost towns. THE GHOST? that is up to you…. will you spot a GHOST? Your chances are good during our tour of the CEMETERIES. We save the best for last……HAUNTED GILPIN HISTORY MUSEUM tour by CANDLE LIGHT.

Scary discounts for large parties.


  • Bloody Marys are welcome!
  • Please bring a picnic and beverages of your choice.
  • Family/private group parties: no group limit

Pricing and Reservations

Ghost Towns and Haunted Cemetery

  • Adults $95.95
  • Youth $65.95
  • Seniors $75.95
  • Military $75.95
  • Gold Pan Package $15.00
  • Bagged lunch $15.00
  • Light Jacket $5.00
  • What to bring: Lunch, beverage, light jacket and casual comfortable shoes.
  • No water is provided, it is recommended to bring beverage and snacks.
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