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I’m Suellen Barnhard, and I’m proud to be a Miner and Professional Gold Mine Tour Guide for 10 years.  I’m filled with so much passion to teach. Like most of you reading this, I started out green and had to learn the hard way about how to be a successful prospector and gold panner. Our story starts here in Central City  making our way through the back country of Central City. Join us and experience the deeply rich American Mining History of the “Richest Square Mile on Earth.”

Visit Mountain City where it all began (home of John Gregory). Learn gold panning and where to pan, sift earth treasures, visit ghost towns, enjoy scenic views, and hike up dump ore piles and view old mining shafts. Learn our 1872 mining law and how to gold mine on public/private property safely. Bring your lunch and have a picnic while you pan for gold. We also offer combo underground  gold mine tours – Earth Treasures Tours.  We cater to group bookings as well as families and individuals. Please book today and we will give you a tour of a lifetime – deep into  “The Richest Square Mile on Earth”

See you soon!


Suellen Barnhard.

Suellen and family.

I would like to thank my daughter Carrie for all her support in her marketing skills and financial support.

My son Brian for his business sense and financial support.

My granddaughters Brooklyn and Estelle for their patience and support.

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